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Ilingas beach hotel
Hotel Ilingas is located in Crete, in the Sfakia province, at 900 m from the town of Sfakia in the road to Anopolis.
The town of Sfakia is a tourist area with little tourist infrastructure and it is located in the Southwestern area of Crete, by the Libyan Sea. It is 75 km from the city of Chania and 150 km from the city of Heraklion.
It is built in the exit of the Iligas gorge, 50m away from the uniquely beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and pebbles, at a wild natural scenery.

Iligas Hotel

Ilingas hotel and restaurant offers 15 furnished rooms (with 2 or 3 single beds or a twin bed), each with a private bathroom with shower and hot water and a balcony with a view of the Libyan Sea or the mountains. The rooms are located on the first floor, while on the ground floor there is a cafeteria - tavern for coffee - drink - breakfast - lunch - dinner, all with homemade and local dishes.
Perfect base for relaxation, quietness and strolls in the numerous mountain or seashore routes of the uniquely beautiful mountains of Sfakia, such as the gorges of Samaria, Impros, Aradaina and Iligas


In the European mountain trail E5 that starts at a distance of 300m from the Pension, you can walk from the town to Aghia Roumeli making stops for food and swimming at the Glyka Nera beach with a river by the sea, at the Loutro village by the sea at Finikas, Lykos, Marmara, Aghios Pavlos, with a 1000 years old early - Christian church and, finally, at Aghia Roumeli, which is the lower end of the Samaria gorge, a national preserved park.
You can visit the Loutro village and Aghia Roumeli by boat, with regular daily departures from the port of the town of Sfakia. You can also visit by boat, 3 times a week, the island of Gavdos, the European Continent’s southernmost part. While at Sfakia, you should taste the honey - pie of Sfakia and sizzled baby - goat and drink tsikoudia
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